E-commerce conversion rate benchmark report

An average conversion rate for online shops says a lot. It is often the key performance indicator for e-commerce parties. This figure shows how the percentage of purchases relates to the number of website visitors.

To see whether the conversion ratio of a webshop is high or low, we have created the e-commerce conversion ratio benchmark report. 

conversieratio per industrie

Averages per industry

Whether you're in furniture or baby and children's products. See how your webshop compares to others in the same industry!

conversieratio per land

Averages per country

Do you also operate in foreign countries? If so, it's likely that your conversion rates are fluctuating. Or maybe you cherish the ambition of taking your business across the border!

conversieratio op social media

Averages per channel

Active on social? Even then, conversion rates vary quite a bit. Compare your performance on Facebook, for example, or see how your Google Ads are doing in relative terms.